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Recent Invited Presentations 2016

World Preclinical Conference Boston MA, June 14-17, 2016
The role of binding kinetics in Drug Action

Modern Phenotypic Drug Discovery: Defining the Path Forward, Keystone Conference, Big Sky Montana, April 2-6, 2016
The Value of Phenotypic Assays to Drug Discovery: Historical Perspective

American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics Annual meeting San Diego, March 11 2016
Challenges and Hurdles to Business as Usual in Drug Development for Treatment of Rare Diseases

A Medicinal Chemistry Perspective on Picking the Right Screening Strategy

Invited Presentations 2015

CHI FAST Phenotypic screening conference, November 9, 2015, Boston, MA
Phenotypic screening identifies new, diverse molecular mechanisms of action (MMOAs)

3rd International Symposium on Challenges and New Technologies in Drug Discovery & Pharmaceutical Production Rio de Janeiro, Brazil November, 4th 2015
The value, challenges and opportunities for phenotypic drug discovery

47th Brazilian Congress of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Aquas de Lindoia, Brazil. September, 30 2015
Discovery and development of kinase inhibitors for trypanosome diseases

Anticonvulsant Drug Development Symposium, Park City, Utah, May 2015
Discovering Medicines for Rare Diseases

American Chemical Society Drug Design Webinar, April 2015
Picking the right screening strategy

Navigating the Biopharmaceutics Risk Assessment Roadmap (BioRAM): Therapy-Driven QTPP Strategies for Clinically Relevant Specification Setting, Rockville, MD, April 2015
The success story of the back-up candidates: Harnessing lessons learned

American Society Clinical pharmacology Therapeutics, clinical pharmacology, New Orleans, March 2015
Biochemical Mechanisms of Successful Drugs with Emphasis on Drug Characteristics

Screening Europe 2015, Berlin, Jan 2015
The Value of Phenotypic Screening to Drug Discovery