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Leadership Team

Picture of David Swinney

David C. Swinney
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Swinney has over 25 years pharmaceutical experience. He currently is chief executive officer of iRND3. Dr. Swinney has devoted the majority of his career to analyzing and implementing drug discovery strategies that will increase the chance of success. These learnings are currently being practiced at iRND3. Dr. Swinney has a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Washington and is author of over 100 publications in the fields of drug discovery, biochemistry and pharmacology.

Picture of Paul Gater

Paul Gater
Board Secretary

Mr. Gater has 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development with Roche and Pfizer as a discovery scientist and project manager. He was Director of Operations for Virology research and development at Roche responsible for portfolio governance committees, strategy development and communication. As project manager in virology, inflammation and neuroscience, he managed many preclinical projects working towards IND-enabling studies as well as projects in Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical development. He has a strong background in research and discovery of novel entities with potential as medicines for respiratory diseases. Mr. Gater has a Master’s degree in pharmacology from University College London and is author of 15 peer-reviewed publications.

Picture of Narinder Banait

Narinder Banait
Advisor, Legal
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Banait has over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience as an attorney and as a research scientist. Currently he serves as the General Counsel and Co-CEO of Selten Pharma, Inc. Previously, he represented pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as a partner at Fenwick & West LLP where he developed patent strategies for a number of companies, provided infringement and validity analysis and opinions, performed due diligence for VC investments in start-up life sciences companies as well as for initial public offerings. Prior to becoming an IP lawyer, Dr. Banait was a research scientist at Syntex and Roche. He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Toronto and received his J.D. from Santa Clara University.